Blogging while sick

Well, I enjoyed the piece about academics working while sick, in as much as that is currently EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING.

But I was most focused on the Weller piece, trying to think about how a quantitative sociologist might graft her work onto the digital humanities model. Here’s what I came up with:

• building a digital collection of information for further study and analysis
creating a sample from a population for survey data responses

• creating appropriate tools for collection building,
Use survey monkey, Zarca, other ways of gathering responses or collating observations on line

• creating appropriate tools for the analysis and study of collections,
some of these things don’t exist;
but this would involve creating databases that are searchable or could allow one to generate simple
statistical analyses; could also be a way to search qualitative interviews or observations.

• using digital collections and analytical tools to generate new intellectual products, and
how could people then include their generated analyses

• creating authoring tools for these new intellectual products or in digital form
How should the results look on screen?
How do you make it possible for others to use your database smoothly?

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