Midstream reflection

My participation in the UMW Domain of One’s Own faculty initiative has come to a formal end today, a bit of reflection on the semester past (though midstream, since there’s still a lot of work to do here). I wanted the blog to showcase the work of myself and my colleagues that is what I call “intentional sociology.” I worked hard to try to get it to reflect that theme in a comprehensive way (much of that work I’ve done in the last two days after grades were in!).

It feels somewhere between what I think of as the 1.) Phil Cohen model (www.familyinequality.com) where the focus is on a particular kind of research and a depository for information related to the popular and academic representation of family, but is not focused on the author per se, and 2.) what feels like a more on-line resume model. I wanted it to be comprehensive of everything I am doing, so I have included my c.v., information about intentional sociology and links; blogs on my courses (most are under development, some as hybrid courses), links to my research (including a sabbatical proposal on intentional communities) and other sociological links that I follow. Although I think I have managed to link my teaching, research, and other endeavors to the IS idea, it still feels a little jumbled although I think that’s technical issues related to formatting pages, etc. rather than the theme itself. Feedback appreciated!

One thought on “Midstream reflection

  1. Martha Burtis

    I have to say I love this “middle space” that you’re in where you’re trying to pull as many things together, and, as a result, things feel like they are colliding (or jumbled, as you say). To me, this is a point on the path to finding a particular kind of coherence, and I think it’s a sign that you’re on the right path!

    Please know that you can always schedule a time to come in and talk to us if you ever want to talk through formatting, organizing, etc.


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