Yay! I’m on Fruehlingspause!

I realized today, once my German class was over at three, that I am officially on spring break and don’t have to go to German next week! Hey, cool. As a colleague pointed out, not in my best interest really to not speak to German for a week while I’m trying to learn it. Good point. But I don’t care. I appreciate this new way to identify with students.

I got an 95 on my German midterm earlier in the week. Hermione that I am, I crowed about this to another colleague, who pointed out that I do have a PhD, which shows I kinda know how to do the student thing well. Fair enough. Yet, somehow comforting to know that I still love the extrinsic reward of the big fat A on my paper.

In fairness, I must point out that the test was heavily curved, and I missed a few important things. But I still did pretty well. In another weird moment, a student from the class asked me how I did on the test while we were standing in line for coffee. At first, I was reluctant to share it (guess I am not that much of a grind). But I we got to talk about the course, and I did share my grade (she’d gotten an 81, and was disappointed, but I had noticed some students had done far worse), and it was nice to have that little quiet acceptance of my honest-to-gosh student status. You can remember what it’s like, but reliving it is just … fun.

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